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[13 Sep 2007|01:21pm]

hi hello hi




really dirty grunge punk rock - repulsive sounds!!!!!!!!

most of of tune ;-)

common listen listen ! ;-)

Nirvana No More [15 Apr 2007|11:24pm]

I'd intended to post this one week ago today, on the thirteenth anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, but was vacationing and high-speed Internet-deprived in Florida. I wrote this piece for The Event, a now defunct Salt Lake City, Utah, alternative newspaper, where it was published on May 16, 1994. Read more...Collapse )

Custom Nirvana Google Theme [13 Sep 2006|12:44am]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.

Nirvana's From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah [08 May 2006|08:46am]

I reviewed this album this morning over at my blog Mere Words. Enjoy.

[28 Apr 2006|06:19pm]

Hey, was just wondering if anyone knows the name of the Aberdeen scupltor who made the statue of Kurt Cobain.



New Nirvana Community [23 Mar 2005|01:19pm]

Who says you can't be a member of two communities? Join _nirvanafans

another in. [31 Oct 2004|05:58pm]

(do i really have to do this?)

1. What is your name: EDITH
2. When did you start listening to NIRVANA and how old are you: 16 AND 16
3. Are you hear to learn more about the band or just want to talk about NIRVANA or Kurt: BOTH
4. What is your favorite NIRVANA song: ?
5. Do you know how to use a LJ cut: Um no.
6. Have you read the rules about becoming a member: OBVIOUSLY!!
7. What are a few of your other intrests: FILMMAKING, WRITING, DREAMING
8. Murder or Suicide: SUICIDE
9. Why do you want to join: ?
10. Do you plan on staying active: YES
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[01 Jan 2006|09:33pm]


Join the community that supports Krist a bit more than any other member. The band wasn't just Cobain, it was others too.
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New Member | Nirvana Web Site [29 Aug 2005|11:56pm]

| Just wanted to say hi and let everyone know about my Nirvana site HelloCobain.com |

The site contains a Message Boards, Web Based IRC for #nirvana, Link Exchange, & Nirvana related art work. Lyrics, etc. Also, for the art section. I am accepting drawings, photos, paintings, illustrations, etc. You get full credit. Just go to the site and check it out! The site is just getting going so there are still a lot of things to be worked on.

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[01 Aug 2005|03:57pm]

Does anyone know where I could find/download audio or video interviews with Kurt? I've never seen a full interview with him. Just clips. any help?

[26 May 2005|08:49pm]

This is the reason you live..

A new Anti-Courtney community worthy of joining.

xposted [26 Mar 2005|01:49pm]

Due to unpaid rent, CBGB's in New York which housed classic acts such at Blondie and The Ramones is being threatened with closure.
Please sign the petition.

Harmless Self Promotion... lol. [17 Jan 2005|07:16pm]

I made my very first community, bitches... JOIN! lol.

[31 Aug 2004|04:38pm]

To: Those who've watched "Kurt & Courtney"

Does anyone know the name/artist of the song playing during the end of the documentary?

Part of the lyrics mentioned, "I can see heaven in his eyes..."
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[13 Aug 2004|12:13am]

Hey, Chad Channing, former Nirvana drummer is in a new band. Check it out. It's called East of the Equator. They are releasing an album soon so check out their music and buy their album.


X-posted a bunch of places.

[11 Aug 2004|11:33pm]

New member (new to LJ and new to ...just about every Nirvana community I could dig my claws in to).
Short bio because no one cares and I'm feeling like flooding everyone's friends pages (muahaha). I'm 20, I'm a bitch, I've been in to Nirvana for roughly 11 years, yes back when your gawd was alive. (sorry, can't resist making snide comments at cobainites... it's my way).

On to the real point of this post.
Does anyone else agree that Nirvana's B-sides and other more rare recordings surpass the stuff on the main albums?
I find myself drifting away to generally anything off of the Outcesticide collection or any of the imports/B-sides I've collected more often than listening to Nevermind or In Utero or even Bleach.

Anyone else feel the same way?
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i made this with paint! [14 Jul 2004|02:30pm]

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[04 Jun 2004|08:14pm]
More than a decade after the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, residents in Aberdeen, Washington, have finally decided to commemorate the life and accomplishments of the most famous musician to surface from their tiny city.

On May 13, the eight members of the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee held a meeting at Aberdeen City Hall to discuss how to best pay tribute to Cobain. About 25 members of the public showed up to throw around ideas, which included erecting a sign on the bluff of East Aberdeen that pointed out Cobain was born in Aberdeen; building a commemorative park in or near the downtown area that would include a graffiti wall; and creating a Cobain youth center focusing on music and art.

Members of the committee and the Aberdeen City Council are looking at two privately owned parks that could be developed into a memorial. Earlier this year, they considered changing the name of North Aberdeen Park near the Wishkah River to Kurt Cobain Memorial Park. The river was immortalized in the 1996 live Nirvana album, From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah.

Committee projects to pay tribute to Cobain will be funded through private donations. Donations to the Kurt Cobain Memorial Project are presently being accepted at all branches of the Bank of the Pacific.

Members of the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee include Cobain's grandfather Leland Cobain, Aberdeen City Council member Paul Fritts and the arts and entertainment editor of the local paper The Daily World, Jeff Burlingame.

The population of Aberdeen is around 16,500, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.


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WHERE ARE ALL THE CREATORS? [01 Jun 2004|03:56pm]

hey everyone...

haven't posted in a while...

and i hope you all don't hate me for this...

i'll even delete it if you want me to...

but i figured that there are alot of creative people in this community (and all the others i'm x-posting this to)...

so please, check my community out!!


[24 May 2004|01:10am]
Does anyone know where I can get ahold of the lyrics for the songs on the Outcesticides. Most are versions of popular songs but earlier and with different lyrics.
I've been searching for forever and a day and found nothing.
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